How to useSearch Molecules


How to useOptical Property


How to draw the moleculesusing ChemDraw


Why isn’t moleculesfound in the database?


How to use Search Molecules

“Search Molecules” page can be used to search for molecules similar to the queried molecule in our database.

How to use Optical Property

“Optical Property” page can be used to predict optical properties of any molecule in any environments based on the deep learning method.

How to draw the molecules using ChemDraw

The ChemDraw users can copy and paste the molecule in ChemDraw to out webpage by following procedures.

Why isn't molecule found in the database?

If your molecules cannot be found in our database, we haven’t added your molecule with the optical properties in our database yet.
We are continuously expanding our database, but the speed of enlarging database may be slower than expected.
Please let us know what is your molecule and optical properties by sending an e-mail at
We will thank you and we will add your molecules in our database as soon as possible.